How to Store Tea

How to Store Tea

Let’s see together some useful advices in order to better keep tea leaves according to their type. 

Store tea: away from moisture

After having opened a bag of tea it will be necessary to finish it within the following three months in order to taste its freshness and all the nuances of flavor it contains. However it could be possible to continue consuming this tea for many months to follow losing taste and aroma. 

Tea must be well sealed in order to be stored at room temperature in a dry climate, completely away from humidity. It should not be kept in the kitchen or in closed places, such as drawers because these are places where too much humidity develops. Also avoid opening the bag in humid environments, experts recommend opening it during sunny days or in a climate controlled environment. Once the tea leaves have absorbed humidity, their deterioration process starts immediately. The tea will therefore have an astringent and somewhat bitter taste. The freshness of the aroma will be weakened.

Keeping Tea: Not in the Refrigerator The quality of tea will be kept longer if it is kept in the refrigerator, however we suggest you not to do this. Otherwise, when you take it out from the fridge, it will suffer the effects of condensation and this will also determine the deterioration of the product. A high percentage of humidity in the leaves will trigger oxidization and will destroy the quality of the tea. As for Matcha teas instead we can safely keep them in the refrigerator in order to better preserve them.

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