Milky Wu Long Tea

Milky Oolong Tea

This legend tells of a very special Wu Long tea (Milky Wulong), which originates in the mountains of Taiwan. When steeped in hot water, this tea gives off a milky, creamy scent due to the characteristic substances in the leaf that are created by the strong temperature changes between day and night.

The legend of milk Wu Long

One night the Moon fell in love with a shooting star and as she watched it disappear into the night her heart became sad and she began to cry, causing a terrible storm of cold and frost on Earth.

The next morning, the peasants went to the plantation to collect the tea, and as they processed it, they noticed that it smelt of milk and caramel.

They decided to call it Moon tea 月光, as the moon in the East is often linked to milk because of its whiteness.

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Legend of wu long milk tea

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