Dark chocolate mousse with red tea

Dark chocolate and red tea mousse

The leaves of Red (black) Bergamot Fo Shou Gan Tea are hand-picked and fully fermented. Then they are mixed with the oil and peels of the bergamot fruit. This tea is very different from the others in its taste and appearance. In it you can easily see the white peel of the fruit, which fills the tea leaves with a delicate bergamot aroma.

Portions: 3-4

Preparation time: 20 min.


Equipment: 1 salad bowl, 1 spoon, 1 electric whisk, 1 mixer, 3 or 4 ramekins.

How to prepare dark chocolate mousse with red tea

Dark chocolate mousse with red tea

Whip the egg whites until stiff. Melt the dark chocolate in a bain-marie. Reduce the tea to powder with a blender and mix it into the whipping cream. Whip the cream. Mix the tea cream with the melted chocolate and incorporate the egg whites. Portion into the ramekins, if you don’t have the ramekins form quenelles with spoons and garnish as desired with kumquats, candied orange peel, mint, etc.

Good, but also healthy: discover the Benefits of Red Tea

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