Benefits: Red Tea

Red tea

We use the term “Chinese black tea” as it is commonly used in the West to describe what is known in China as red tea. True Chinese Black Teas are aged teas such as the Pu’er Teas.

In the production of red tea (紅茶 Hóng Chá), tea leaves are wilted and crushed to facilitate enzyme-mediated oxidation in a process commonly referred to as “fermentation.” During this process, most of the catechins are oxidized, oligomerized, and polymerized to form theaflavins and tearubigins, which provide the red-brown color to black tea.

In infused black tea, catechins, theaflavins and tearubigins are 3-10%, 2-6% and more than 20% of dry weight, respectively. The caffeine content in black tea is lower than in green tea.

Benefits: Red Tea

Red tea is beneficial because of its unique production process: fermentation. Fermentation is the key process in producing black tea. The chemical change of polyphenols produces the special aroma and colour of black tea, as well as its benefits.

Red tea

Tearubigine – The benefits of fermentation

Fermentation is intended to promote oxidation of the polyphenols, which will produce the tearubigins and theaflavins.

Tearubigin is a type of golden pigment produced during fermentation. In addition to adding color to the tea liquid, tearubigin has many beneficial effects. It can reduce the amount of cholesterol absorbed from food. In addition, tearubigins are helpful in protecting the heart from hyperlipidemia and other disorders.

Protects the heart

Red tea contains a higher amount of flavone than other types of tea, flavone is able to protect the heart and vessels. Being the power source of blood circulation, the human heart beats at an average rate of 70 times per minute.

Assume a man is 70 years old; in the last 70 years, his heart should have beaten over 2.6 billion times. Too much fat in the blood will lead to great pressure on the heart. Fat accumulates on the vessel wall, as a result, the vessels will be clogged, causing cerebral infarction and weak blood flow. Flavones can relieve these symptoms. 

Other benefits of red tea

Bone protection: polyphenols in black tea can retain active elements that damage bone cells.

There are research findings that people who drink black tea regularly have stronger bones. To prevent osteoporosis, you can drink a cup of black tea every day, and keep it as a habit for years. If you add lemon in your black tea, you will have a better bone-protecting effect. 

Stomach and intestine protection: the enzymatic oxidation that occurs during fermentation will reduce the amount of polyphenols in black tea. Thus black tea becomes sweeter. Also, as polyphenols can stimulate the stomach, acting more effectively in the empty belly, black tea with a lower amount of polyphenols can help protect your stomach. Black tea can be mixed with sugar and milk.

Drinking it regularly can decrease stomach inflammation, protect the stomach lining, and also help cure stomach ulcer.

Red tea warms the bowel

The power of red tea to warm the stomach is extraordinary on cold winter days.

Drink the right quantities

We recommend drinking black tea in adequate amounts. 

Tea lovers often find themselves in an insomnia situation after drinking too much tea. This occurs because tea contains caffeine, causing nervous excitement. Although caffeine is helpful in reactivating the mind, it is best not to take too much of it.

Excessive intake of tea polyphenols can also cause tea intoxication. If you are drunk, an allergy can occur, such as insomnia, headaches, tremors, or even heart rate disturbances.

Dispelling the common myth: is red tea a perfect cure for hang-over?

The truth is that theophylline in strong tea increases blood pressure by vasoconstriction. As we know, alcohol does a lot of damage to the liver, while the polyphenol in tea can protect the liver. Therefore, it is better to drink light tea instead of strong tea to relieve a hang-over.

Or, in case of hang-over, you can try refreshing yourself with Cold Matcha Tea, for a top wake-up call!

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