Deepening: tea and books

This is a list of books on tea that have surpassed books and introduced new content on the subject, in English. I have referred to these books many times in my tea studies and they have each in their own way, expanded my understanding of tea. There

I recommend reading the first three books on this list in quick succession. In doing so, you will immediately begin to realize the complexities of the world of tea, how knowledge of this beverage has expanded over the past 10 years, and how opinions on topics such as tea classification have long differed in the popular tea industry.

by Kevin Gascoyne, Francois Marchand and Jasmin Desharnais

This book was put together by the men who laid the foundation of tea in Montreal with Camellia Sinensis. Each of them focused their careers and efforts on a particular area of tea and together, they wrote what I believe to be the most comprehensive book on tea in English.

Also found is a biochemical analysis of 35 teas, a tasting dictionary, as well as a flavor wheel.

By Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss

This book was written by Mary Lou and Robert J Heiss, owners of Tea Trekker, an online business based in Northampton, Massachusetts. The Heisses have been in the tea industry since 1974, so the depth of knowledge they have gained since then is well presented in the book.

by Francois-Xavier Delmas, Mathias Minet and Christine Barbaste

This book was written by Francois-Xavier Delmas, the founder of Palais des Thés, a brand created in 1986. The company now boasts more than 30 retail stores worldwide. This book was first published in 2008 and provides a broad view of the world of tea.

By Erling Hoh and Victor H.

In The True History or Tea, Hoh and Mair offer what I believe to be the most complete and accurate account of the history of tea. The book is well mentioned and professionally written. One of my favorite parts of the book is the ridiculously deep dive down the rabbit hole on the subject of the etymology of the words for “tea” in the appendix.

By K.C. Willson and M.N. Clifford

This ridiculously expensive treatise, covers the scientific aspects of tea like no other book does. Nigel Melican said he takes this book with him into the field.

Tea: Cultivation to Consumption is a 769-page multi-authored treatise that covers everything from history, field practices, the most in-depth study of the botanical classification of tea, chemical changes during processing, and an overview of the health effects of tea. Although expensive, I feel this book is a must-have in a tea professional’s library.

By James Norwood Pratt and Devan Shah

In this Dictionary of Tea, veteran author James Norwood Pratt includes brief definitions of many tea terms covering multiple production regions. The book also includes beautifully detailed maps of tea regions and a very detailed chronology of tea history. by Jinghong Zhang

In Puer Tea: Ancient Caravans and Urban Chic, Jinghong Zhang covers many of the controversial topics surrounding Puer tea with finesse.

Zhang easily explains the history and current landscape surrounding Puer production, Puer classification, and Puer prices in the marketplace. This is a great book for those who wish to deepen their understanding of Puer and its culture.

by Luo Jialin

Tea is not just a beverage, the cup in your hands is rich of more than five thousand years of history and it all began in China. Tea boiled in the kettle during the Tang Dynasty, powdered tea during the Song Dynasty, pressed cakes in the Ming Dynasty – the history of tea is as diverse as the vines themselves.

Whether green, Oolong or black, each tea has a unique personality, which lThe China Tea Book has captured in photos and facts.

by Gabriella Lombardi (Author), Fabio Petroni (Photographer)

Like fine wine, fine tea is a gastronomic delicacy that possesses a deliciously wide range of aromas and flavors. And, much like a wine guide, this lavishly illustrated volume initiates drinkers into the art of tasting, preparing, and serving.

A careful examination of 50 Grand Cru teas – including some of the best-known varieties available – will give drinkers a new appreciation of what goes on in a cup. A selection of exclusive recipes, along with advice on pairing tea with food, rounds out this wonderful book – a must-have for anyone who savors this ancient beverage.

By Cynthia Gold and Lise Stern

This cutting-edge tome on one of the world’s oldest ingredients and most popular beverages will be an invaluable tool for home and professional cooks alike. Gold and Stern offer new ways of looking at tea: leaves with a history that expands over thousands of years, it is now a secret weapon in the culinary arsenal.

Tea in its many forms has been around for thousands of years, and it’s a fast-growing industry in many countries as demand for specialty leaves grows. Read all about harvesting and drying techniques that have remained virtually unchanged for centuries, popular growing regions around the world, and the historical past of trading.

The book includes classics, such as centuries-old Chinese tea-smoked duck and millennial eggs, as well as recipes the authors have developed and collected, such as tea-smoked capon in brine and Assam shortbread.

by Tonia George (Author), Martin Brigdale (Photographer)

In Tea Cookbook, Tonia George presents a unique take on tea culture, offering both sweet and savory recipes using a whole range of delicious flavors. The savory dishes show how versatile an ingredient like tea can be.

The “Mussels in Ginger and Lemon Tea Broth” is ideal for a dinner party, while the “Green Tea, Tofu, Noodle and Watercress Soup” is the ideal choice when you need a dose of healthy nutrition.

“Mint Tea Couscous with Grilled Pumpkin, Halloumi, Dates and Pistachios” is so simple, it’s ideal for feeding the whole family when time is short. Turn your desserts into something irresistible – bake a “Lemon Assam Stuffed Tart” for a spectacular post-dinner dessert. Sink your teeth into an “Earl Grey Truffle” and you’ll be struck by the creaminess of the chocolate and only at the end by the distinctive aroma of Earl Grey.

These truffles, along with white tea and apricot jam, among others, make delicious sweet surprises to give as gifts. Finally, there are plenty of surprises in the Drinks chapter. Perfect for tea lovers everywhere, this book is full of quick and easy recipes for original and tasty dishes.

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