Tea and Beauty


There are numerous beauty products made from tea, as the benefits derived from the substances contained in the leaves are numerous.

Some tea-based beauty tips

Some beauty tips to bUse the infusion left in the teapot to cleanse your face, it will not only clean your skin and fight acne, but, as in the case of green tea, it will help to firm it.ase of tea

A study from the University of Tokyo also tested that green tea acts as a natural toothpaste, as it contains the right amount of fluoride useful for maintaining an adult’s oral hygiene.

The benefits of tea for our body do not end here. In fact this infusion is an incomparable product for hair cosmetics. It is by now well known that the leaves of the tea plant are rich in caffeine and tannins, aromatic substances, which are used for thirst quenching and medicinal infusions. Few however are aware that, some varieties of tea, such as black or green, are excellent allies for the health of hair as well.

The caffeine contained in tea, also known as theine, is important in inhibiting dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone responsible for hair loss. It is therefore an excellent adjuvant against hair loss. Here are some tips:

Use an infusion of black tea as the last rinse, it will give shine and softness to your hair (one liter of black tea is enough);

Want to refresh or darken your hair? Prepare two cups of boiled water and let it steep 4 to 8 grams of black tea overnight. After an initial wash and rinse, pour the infusion over your hair and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes, without rinsing. Then dry and style your hair.

Your hair will be shiny, strengthened, reflected.

Regarding green tea, a study from Seoul National University College of Medicine found that the polyphenol epigallocaatchin-3-gallate better known by the acronym EGCG, stimulates hair follicles and increases hair production. In addition, containing panthenol (often used in shampoos or conditioners) green tea has the ability to strengthen hair and manage split ends.

Again, make green tea packs at least once a week.

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