Puer – Tea and Legends

Puer - Tea and Legends

According to some, tea merchants of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) began to package tea in cakes because they were easier to load and transport. The transports were slow and needed days and days to reach the predetermined destinations.

These destinations ranged from Tibet, to India to Peking. During the long journey and with the climate in continuous change something happened: tea began to change. It is therefore said that the fermentation process typical of puer tea took place during transportation.

This caused the color of the tea to change from green to dark red and the flavor became richer and more complex.

The tea was named Pu-erh, the name of the city located in central Yunnan.

Actually the tea did not come from this village, but it was a big trading center for harvested tea producers.

Every year or anniversary, the tea can be enjoyed again because it will continue to improve.

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