How much tea is too much tea?

How much tea is too much tea

What can happen if you drink too much tea?

What the Chinese never do is drink tea on an empty stomach. Tea is a stimulating beverage. The best way to enjoy a good tea is to drink it after a meal or on top of a meal, otherwise you may incur in phenomena called ‘tea drunkenness’. Moreover never drink tea associated to alcohol! It is necessary to allow at least 3 hours of time to elapse between drinking wine and tea. 

The quantity of tea that can be consumed is very individual, it is necessary to understand one’s limits, starting with few cups, small doses of tea left to infuse for a short time. Moreover every kind of tea gives different effects on body and mind.

Higher amounts of caffeine are contained in Sheng Puer, White tea, Green tea and Matcha tea. The more the leaves are cooked during the process, the less caffeine they contain. Oolong for example contains less caffeine than White and Green tea, and even less caffeine than Black tea and Puer Shu.

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Palpitations, high blood pressure and insomnia are all symptoms of caffeine excess. Matcha and green tea also contain many natural chemicals called salicylates, which can cause allergic reactions such as rashes, asthma and stuffy noses in individuals who are intolerant to salicylates.

If you happen to drink too much tea and don’t feel well just have a snack and all symptoms will pass.

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