Tie Guan Yin – Tea and Legends

Tie Guan Yin - Tea and Legends

Once upon a time, there was a very devout Buddhist farmer. One day he found an iron statue of the goddess Guan Yin 觀音 that had been abandoned, surrounded by weeds and brambles. In honor of the goddess, he set out with good will and carefully cleaned it up.

In the night, Guan Yin himself appeared to him in a dream and gave him directions to find a tea plant that was hidden in the cleft of a cliff, telling him to go get it, grow it in his home and benefit himself and his descendants.

He also advised him not to be selfish and to share this good fortune with others. The farmer, who was very faithful, did exactly as he had been advised in his dream.

Once he found the plant, he took it home and named it Guan Yin to give thanks to the generous deity.

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