The Legend of Oolong Tea – Tea and Legends

Oolong Tea is a semi-fermented Chinese tea, that is partially fermented, which combines the taste of black tea to the delicacy of green tea. More suave than the first one, but with a less vegetal taste than the second one, it gives an infusion with a very particular taste.

The Legend of Oolong Tea

Like many things in China, also this one can be traced back to a legend. The name Oolong in fact derives from the expression Wu Long which in Chinese means Black Dragon. It is said that during the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644), a Tea Farmer who was harvesting Tea in his garden found himself face to face with a huge black dragon (symbol of good luck in Chinese culture). Frightened by this encounter, he ran away leaving the harvest of the day at the feet of the dragon.

The next day, while returning to the same spot, he noticed the Tea leaves he had left had a strange but fascinating coloration: green with golden tips at the ends. Curious, he took them home and transformed them into Tea which in honor of the black dragon was called Wu Long Tea.

This legend has come down to us and the Black Dragon renews its magic bringing news and nice surprises every time we sip a good Oolong. 

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