Lin’s Ceramics Studio


Founded in 1983 in Taiwan, today Lin’s Ceramics Studio is an important brand of tea products and a symbol of tea craftsmanship and culture.

Lin’s Ceramics Studio has chosen “tea” . Starting with a small teapot, it has become an innovative brand in the tea industry in Greater China. The classic kettle set has become an essential item for tea houses, as well as an important element in tea culture. In addition, Lin’s Ceramics Studio was also a sponsor of the Tea Serving Presentation in Taiwan Pavilion Expo 2010 Shanghai China.


Lin’s Ceramics Studio believes in “creating each piece with artistic spirit, great professional know-how and craftsmanship,” and uses different materials to enhance the unique characteristics of each tea and to allow its audience to experience the subtle differences between fermentation grades.

The shapes of the products are designed with a contemporary aesthetic of simplicity. With simple elegance, their shapes articulate the heritage and deep cultural roots that run deep in Chinese culture.

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