Kori-Dashi Cha, the incredible Green Tea infused in ice

Kori-Dashi Cha

Taste the best Tea in the world: Kori-Dashi Cha

There are few people in the world who do not like a cup of tea mainly because there are so many varieties of this beverage.

Green teas also have many varieties and facets of taste, the most particular one is undoubtedly “Kori-Dashi Cha“. Its strong and refreshing taste overwhelms the senses, moreover it is a tea which greatly benefits to health.

In order to determine which is a good quality tea and which is not, it is necessary to pay attention to four fundamental characteristics: how it looks, its smell, color and taste.

A good quality tea always has an incredible taste, a pleasing smell, a fresh and bright color and an excellent aspect. Bright color is synonymous of freshness, whereas if the tea has a dull color it will not taste good.

Some producers, in particular of low quality teas, add aromas to the leaves, which give them different and not natural flavors, for this reason we suggest you to pay attention when buying a tea, paying attention on the characteristics indicated.

Kori-Dashi Cha

Kori-Dashi Cha and benefits

Kori-Dashi Cha” is undoubtedly a beneficial tea, for example it helps our body to strengthen the immune system, helping to fight different types of diseases. With time the level of free radicals might gradually increase in our body (it is physiological): “Kori-Dashi Cha” helps cells and fights free radicals.

Caffeine contained in green tea infused in ice decreases by ⅓ compared to other green teas just because of very low infusion temperatures. Moreover, the level of Theine, which is one of the amino acids and the main component of Humans, increases by ⅕ in green tea infused in ice. EGCG is, without a doubt, an active antioxidant found in all green teas and it is even more concentrated in this type of tea.

Some researchers have proven that Umami releases its taste more at low temperatures whereas, whereas Shibumi, tannins (Catechins) are extracted at high temperatures.

Infusing green tea with ice cubes helps to highlight the full flavor of Umami, making it rather sweet. This is one of the reasons why people who do not like caffeine, prefer this green tea.

Kori-Dashi Cha

Infusion method of Kori-Dashi Cha



Prepare a Yuzamashi – that is a pitcher for hot water – or a simple teapot. Insert the green tea leaves into the teapot, add the ice cubes on top of the green tea leaves. Place the teapot in the refrigerator and let the ice cubes melt. Anyone who decides to brew this wonderful tea will be able to see the color of the water slowly change and become light green.

We recommend the use of a high quality tea, Gyokuro or Sencha, for a truly captivating Umami taste. An excellent tea for breakfast because super energizing, or perfect to be consumed in summertime in order to refresh oneself. It is not so complex to make “Kori-Dashi Cha”, it is really simple and fast and everyone can like it.

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