In Tea Bologna Tea Festival 2019

We just got back from a fantastic and exciting weekend spent at In Tè Bologna Tè Festival 2019!  

We met many of you and got to know many new people. 

This year at In-Tè Bologna Tè Festival 2019, we brought some of our newest products carefully selected to offer our audience a rich panorama of flavors to discover cup after cup.

Among our latest arrivals, however, we do not only talk about China, in fact, we wanted to introduce more fragrant and delicate flavors by selecting a white tea from Nepal and, by moving to Japan, we aim at spreading even more the characteristic umami flavor with a great selection of green teas rich in antioxidants and theanine.

Despite these more innovative proposals, we certainly do not neglect the universal reference point that is China and, in this regard, this year we focus a lot on our Puer in loose leaves coming from ancient trees (Gushu) that over time have been enriched with flavors and minerals that we can taste once the product is infused.

The leaves of this tea are harvested from trees more than 300 years old in the village of Bulang, in the Bulang Mountains, at an average altitude of 1220m. A real peculiarity. 

We also brought our famous Oolongs divided between Taiwanese and Chinese in order to offer the possibility to everyone to find their own personal taste by experimenting with more or less oxidized and roasted products. In particular, we will surprise you with the famous Wuyi Rock Oolong Teas: the region of Wuyi is famous for the production of exceptional Oolong teas, these teas have a very particular taste, which comes from the high mineral content of the soil, not reproducible in any other place in the world. 

At In-Tè Bologna Tè Festival 2019 we brought a mix of scents and colors thanks to our wide range of herbal teas and infusions. We have recently expanded our assortment giving space also to more exotic and fruity flavors with a bouquet of herbal teas of over 30 references. We will surprise you and find the taste that suits you best!

Finally, other great news, the delicacies: Matcha pralines, fine almonds wrapped in coconut powder and white chocolate, spicy and spicy peanuts and many other surprises …

“The world’s longest tea party” the theme of In Tea 2019.

What can’t be missing from a Tea Party?

Obviously a good tea to be tasted alone as well, because a Tea Party can also be an emotional journey to discover oneself and this precious beverage. 

According to Chinese tradition, tea ceremony is a Chinese cultural activity which involves the preparation and ritual presentation of tea. The rules of the tea ceremony change according to the seasons. The person performing the ceremony changes everything (the flowers, the type of tea, the depth of the bowl) to show how seriously he or she is taking the ceremony and how each moment is unique. 

The care for details, the attention to the smallest details, make a tasting a unique experience, made of moments, rituals, objects and sensations that envelop the one who is tasting this wonderful beverage. 

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