Tea in the office, the most useful accessories

Drinking tea in the office during working hours is an increasingly common trend in Italy as well. For practicality many are forced to consume tea in sachets, as the preparation of loose teas requires more steps and more attention and to make it out of home, with little time at disposal, presents some difficulties.

If the tasks at hand steal the time to perform gongfu tea preparation, it is important to know that there are alternatives to enjoy quality loose teas even in the workplace. 

Choose the right accessory

Drinking tea while working can be of great help, because it promotes relaxation, improves concentration and cognitive functions and also gives energy to face the day. Experts advise that drinking tea after having lunch can help eliminate that heaviness that strikes in the early afternoon.

Here’s why it’s worth finding a solution to drink your favorite tea at your desk to improve the quality of your work days.

Not all teas are the same however and not all workplaces are equipped with microwave ovens or pots ready to heat water at the right temperature. You can solve this problem by preparing your tea in the morning at home and then pouring it in a thermos, doing so will allow you to keep your tea at the same temperature.

When it is possible to heat water, in order to save space and for convenience, you will have to forget about teapots and use less traditional tools to simplify the infusion process.

You could use a mug fitted with an infuser – mug , perfect for the office as it is really small.

By using such a type of glass mug, you will be able to let your loose tea steep while you work, watching the color of the water through the glass, so you will know when your drink is ready to be consumed.

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