Taiping Houkui – Tea and Legends

Taiping Houkui is a historical Chinese tea, already produced during the Qing dynasty in the province of Anhui. It belongs to the rare group of green teas having a truly unusual shape. Its name refers to its shape: pointed at the sides, long and flat. The name Houkui (猴魁) means Monkey King.

A legend about Taiping Houkui

Legend has it that in the shadow of the Taiping Houkui tea tree was buried the son of the monkey king. The year after the burial, tea trees began to grow in the place where his body was buried.

The place was accidentally found by a farmer who took care of the tea trees, harvested their leaves and created this tea with an elongated shape. From that moment on, Taiping Houkui became popular and famous all over China. 

This is just one of the many legends about Houkui tea.

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