Silver Needle – Tea and Legends

Silver Needle - Tea and Legends

A long time ago, He Zheng Village went through a long period of drought and because of this, several epidemics including plague broke out. It was known that on the hills of the nearby Dong Gong Mountain grew a heavenly herb that was able to cure all kinds of diseases.

Therefore, many brave men went up the mountain in search of the heavenly herb, but never returned.

In the village lived a family with 3 children named Zhigang, Zhicheng and Yu Chi, who were determined to find the grass. The eldest brother decided to leave first and near the mountain he met an old man. 

The old man told him that the miraculous herb was located near a well at the top of the mountain, but the only way to find it is to keep going up the mountain without thinking about having to go back. 

So Zhigang began to climb and halfway up he saw many stones but no grass. Then suddenly he heard a voice saying:

“Don’t you dare go any higher.”

He was shocked and decided to go back and as he descended he suddenly turned into a stone.

Having failed to return home, Zhigang Zhicheng’s brother decided to climb Dong Gong Mountain and unfortunately had the same fate.

The last to leave was her little sister Yu Chi. After her departure, she met the same old man who gave her the same advice he had given her older brother. The old man also offered her some rice cakes to help her cope with the long journey. 

So Yu Chi arrived at the same spot where the brothers heard the strange voices urging them to return home, but she cunningly used the rice trout as an earwig and continued to climb. Eventually she reached the top of the hill and found the heavenly grass growing beside the can. She used the water from the well to water the plants and they began to grow and sprout. 

He collected the seeds of the plants and cultivated these heavenly plants in the village to cure diseases.

It turned out that the heavenly herb was none other than a Silver Needle tea plant covered in that strange whitish hair.  

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