Insights: Puer Tea

Drinking Puer tea is a crazy sensorial experience and, just like fine wines, there are many differences between tea and tea.

If you are a regular tea drinker, you will surely have a favorite one among the many types that exist.

If you haven’t yet tasted a Puer tea, don’t waste any more time; rely on a retailer who can guarantee you a trial pack. Even just a few grams could give you an idea of the taste and aroma in one or two cups at the most. After the tasting, you will surely want to order a bigger quantity of Puer, so we suggest you to rely on an expert of the trade.Get to know your Puer tea

There are four fundamental factors that make you understand the quality of Puer and they are appearance, color, aroma and taste. A good quality Puer tea is always accompanied by a deep taste, an incredible aroma, an inviting appearance and a satisfying color. First learn how to judge its appearance. High quality Puer tea has an inviting and fresh taste, while the one of dubious origin has an unpleasant taste. So be careful, because some shopkeepers mix fragrances to make a poor quality tea smell better. If the smell doesn’t convince you, then try judging the appearance.

Now that you have some more data about the quality, you can choose the Puer tea of your choice.

What are the positive effects of Puer tea on your body?

Let’s now talk about the main benefits of Puer tea and how it can help fight all the enemies present in our body. With the passing of the years, free radicals in our organism increase disproportionately, thus putting us at a greater risk of neoplasms or dangerous infections, not to mention hair loss and a withered and dull skin. Puer tea allows for greater support from the cells, thus getting the better of the chain reaction triggered by free radicals, which can easily lead to irritation, malignant tumors, and real signs of skin aging.

Discover all the benefits of Puer tea.

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