Insights: Puer Shu (cooked) Tangerine Tea

Puer Shu (Cooked) Tangerine Tea

In the last years, here in China, Puer Shu (cooked) Tangerine tea is getting more and more popular. This is a pretty famous tea, which Chinese started producing about 100 years ago. The explanation of this tea is contained in its name: it is Puer tea placed inside a fragrant Chinese tangerine. Tangerine grows in the village of Tianma, in the Guangzhou area in the south of China, in the province of Guangdong. The fertile soil makes this treasure handed down from ancient times, from the Xinhuei orange peel, one of the three treasures of the Five River area.

How to create Puer Shu (Cooked) Tangerine Tea

In the production of this tea are used 15 grams of Puer Shu Tea (cooked) of 5 years old, not pressed, and a Chinese red mandarin. The “cap” of the mandarin is cut and, by using special tools, such as a sharp-edged spoon, the pulp is removed from the fruit and dried. After that, Puer is put in the empty mandarin, covered by the “hat” of the fruit itself and put in the oven for a couple of hours, where it becomes dry and slightly toasted.

Puer Shu (Cooked) Tangerine Tea

As a result we have an extraordinary product, Puer Tangerine Shu, with an interesting and refreshing flavor.

The aroma of this tea cannot be confused with other aromas. In the dry form, one can perceive a lot of mandarin and little Puer, but on the palate, when the tea is brewed, the two flavors are perfectly balanced.

Puer Shu (Cooked) Tangerine Tea Infusion

For the infusion of this tea can be used indifferently either a Gaiwan, a clay Yixing teapot, or a glass teapot. In order to obtain a perfect infusion, it is necessary to use half a tangerine.

The main thing, before proceeding with the infusion, is not to forget to put some dried tangerine peel together with the tea leaves. In order to do this, it is necessary to break the tangerine into small pieces. 

The first water must be used only to wash the leaves of the tea, some Chinese also discard the second one and start drinking only the third one. It is necessary to try in order to discover the best number of washes for our taste, but not more than two.

Each successive heating of the tea will win you over. Tangerine, honey, flowers, plums and apples – you will taste so many different flavors in your cup. You can go up to 6-7 steps, as the taste of Puer will become preponderant over mandarin.

Puer Tangerine Shu is an unusual, new tea, which is becoming more and more popular in China. It is interesting to prepare and really tasty to drink. And, unlike many non-classical teas, it is completely natural, free of artificial flavors.

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