Insights: Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea

Phenix Dancong Oolong Tea: private cultivation in the mountains.

On Fenghuang mountain in Guangdong province is being produced a very limited edition of tea, Oolong Phoenix Dancong tea descending from Fenghuang Shuixian. The cultivation belongs, as it often happens, to a small family of tea growers. 

What is Dancong Oolong Tea? .

Phoenix is a historically renowned tea in China since the Ming Dynasty. The name comes from the birthplace of this Oolong tea: the Phoenix Mountain ( eng-huang Shan). It is located in the town of Phoenix in Chao-an County (Chao-an Xian) in the city of Chao-zhou, Guangdong Province.

Phoenix Mountain is famous for its rich resources of tea cultivars. Today there are more than 80 cultivars.

Each cultivar can grow up to a few feet tall and produces tea with a distinctive flavor profile. Therefore, each individual bush is harvested and processed individually, which is where the name Dan-cong (单丛) comes from.


During the fermentation process a very intense manual work is required in order to strictly control the degree of fermentation: the leaf is damaged only at the edges, which get oxidized, whereas the central part of the leaf remains intact, preserving the natural fresh green note.

Conventionally, the best infusion method for tasting Phoenix Oolong is Gongfu Cha. To emphasize the time, effort and skill spent during the preparation of this fine tea. 

Types of Dancong Oolong Tea 

Da Wu Ye 

City of Chaozhou, Guangdong Province – China

Degree of fermentation: low 

Harvest: winter 2016

Tea Master: Song Lin

Standard Harvest: Zhong Kai Mian (2-3 leaves slightly open)

This Da Wu Ye Dancong tea is very delicate, the liquid is smooth and leaves a lingering sweetness in the mouth, light with orchid aroma.

During the preparation of tea, the pleasant aroma quickly reaches the nose and has a long duration. After 9 infusions, the orchid aroma still exists in the infused tea leaves and tea soup.

Huang Zhixiang

Creamy almond aroma, light nutty flavor, slight astringency of dandelion, buttery notes

Tea varieties: over 50 years old

Origin: Fenghuang Mountain about 400 meters above sea level, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province.

Tea Master: Song Lin

Harvest Time: Spring 2017

Standard harvest: 2 or 3 half-ripened tea leaves

Dry tea color: dark brown color

Shape: narrow and slightly twisted shape 

Scent: natural, fresh walnut aroma, with honey and floral fragrance

Taste: long lasting sweet flavor 

Infused tea color: bright yellow

Milan Xiang

Half-fermented, rich aroma, roasted leaves

Origin: Chaozhou city, Guangdong province, China 

Harvest Time: Spring 2016

Tea Master: Zong Lin

Standard harvest: zhong kai mian (2-3 leaves slightly open)

Mi Lan Xiang: is a very fruity tea, boasting high aromatic notes of peach and honey. It consists of sweet nectar notes and has a dense flavor.

The liqueur is a delicate light golden color.

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