Benefits: Blooming Tea

Rich in antioxidants

Teas are known for their content of very powerful antioxidants. Apart from their very special and pleasant appearance and taste, flower teas also have rare antioxidant compounds that are not found in any other type of tea.

This tea is rich in significant amounts of flavonoids and cathechins. In China, flower tea is popular because it is rich in antioxidants that cannot be extracted from other teas.

This is because flower tea is a blend of different types of tea, which means it gets the best out of all its ingredients.

Improves skin quality

Due to the richness of special polyphenols, consuming flower tea can make your skin healthy and beautiful.

Consuming flower tea will not only make your skin beautiful from the outside, but also from the inside. Its antioxidants protect the skin from the harshness of UV radiation. They also ensure that skin cells and tissues are kept healthy and protected, if needed.

Consumption of this tea has also been shown to reduce reactions in enzymes that cause collagen and elastin to break down in the skin. To keep the skin looking beautiful and young despite age, drinking this type of tea is of great help.

Helps speed up metabolism

Consumption of flower tea increases the metabolic rate to a very impressive level. Its antioxidants make it a very effective fat burning supplement. It ensures the efficiency of metabolism in the body so that fat deposition remains normal to avoid obesity.

It also ensures that the fats in the body are not excessive and are useful as energy sources. Intake of flower tea will help you maintain a proper and healthy level of fats in the body.

Relieves stress

Drinking flower tea is a great way to relax from stress.

Not only does it have a unique and pleasant taste, it is also rich in theanine and amino acids. This means it has calming and stabilizing effects that prevent depression, anxiety, and poor stress management.

Drinking a cup of flower tea after a stressful day at work or school can relax your mind so you can focus and be more productive in the days ahead. Remember that stress is inevitable and the only way to be stable is to learn how to manage stress, as well as observe a balanced diet.

Kills certain bacteria

Flower tea also has anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds. Its consumption cleanses the mouth of bacteria that can cause infections and bad breath. Do not underestimate the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth, as this can also lead to oral cancer.

Protects the heart

Flower tea is known to reduce cholesterol. Drinking this type of tea will regulate LDL cholesterol, because an excess of LDL cholesterol can trigger multiple disorders, especially in the heart.

This type of tea can prevent the oxidation of cholesterol that causes the weakening of the artery wall and can also lead to improper circulation. This gives rise to a greater chance of blood clots, or worse, a heart attack.

Increases brain function

Consuming flower tea has been shown to increase brain function, improving your cognitive and motor skills. This tea contains catechins, which are strong bioactive compounds that protect neurons to their best condition and optimal functioning.

This is not only to make you more active, more alert, able to focus, and be mentally stable, but also free of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Contains anti-inflammatory properties

Flower teas also have anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent and treat arthritis. Studies have shown that consuming foods and drinks concentrated with polyphenols discourages the development of arthritis by up to 50%.

Blooming tea

Types of flower tea

Flower tea not only has the effects of green or white tea, but it also has the unique effects of dehydrated flowers. Different flower teas have different effects as they are mixed with different dehydrated flowers.

Benefits of flowers

Calendula: was originally produced in Europe. It can be eaten directly or infused, eliminates toxins, nourishes the liver, improves visual acuity, aids in skin regeneration and promotes better digestion.

Lily: In China, eating the lily has a long history. In traditional Chinese medical science, lily is believed to help the lungs and calm the nerves. In addition, lily is a can remedy for insomnia.

Amaranth: was originally produced in South America. It can cleanse the liver, clear the respiratory tract, relieve coughs and prevent asthma.

Osmanthus: In China, osmanthus is not only considered as an ornamental plant, but also used to make cakes and drinks. In traditional Chinese medical science, it is believed that osmanthus can relieve chills, warm the stomach and ease pains.

Jasmine: can harmonize the stomach, regulate the flow of vital energy, nourish the liver, improve visual acuity, help produce saliva and quench thirst.

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Carnation: this is one of the most popular cut flowers. It also makes the skin glow, keeps you young, calms the nerves, quenches thirst and speeds up metabolism.

Yellow Chrysanthemum: drives away the heat and eliminates toxins.

Red: can regulate the flow of vital energy, dispel melancholy, invigorate blood circulation, relieve pain, remove fatigue, moisturize the skin and enrich the blood.

Trollius Chinensis: can decrease inflammation, quench thirst, clear the throat, relieve damage to the gastric mucosa, ward off heat, eliminate toxins and improve the appearance of the skin.

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