Farmer’s Infusion Method

Peasant’s method is an infusion technique very common in China because of its simplicity. In order to obtain an infusion according to this preparation, in fact, it is enough to put in a mug few tea leaves, some hot water and wait. After few minutes the leaves, now completely hydrated, will start falling to the bottom of the cup allowing the sipping of the infusion already rich in flavors. At this point Chinese usually consume their tea up to about half of the cup in order to be able, by adding more hot water, to slightly dilute the part of the infusion having more concentrated flavors left in the bottom of the cup and therefore be able to continue sipping for many minutes.

Practically this method is very similar to the western infusion with the differences that leaves always remain in contact with water and, moreover, the cup can be refilled many times in order to prolong the tasting experience for longer time. The important common point between these two infusion methods is the ratio between leaves and quantity of water. Even for the method of the farmer it is good to use about one gram of tea for every 100ml of water. By adopting this ratio the flavors will be released at a speed in order to obtain a correct intensity of taste in the cup without the unpleasing onset of bitterness.

Usually with the method of the farmer are infused green teas and the temperature of the water used is never near boiling. By following these customs the final result in the cup will have a vegetal and fresh taste suitable to be enjoyed in summertime as well. Obviously this infusion method as well as the others we talk about here on the blog or in our YouTube videos can be personalized according to your tastes. In this regard we suggest you to use this kind of infusion with white, yellow and red teas as well. 

In order to get a refreshing and pleasing summer break the combination we suggest is to use the double glass cup together with taiping houkui green tea leaves. Thanks to the double glass cup you will not feel the heat of the infusion on your hand and moreover you will be able to observe the big leaves of this tea opening in water. Taiping houkui, besides its fresh and sweet vegetal taste, will have the advantage of being comfortably arranged in the cup without being of any hindrance during the prolonged drinking.

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