Bai Mu Dan – Tea and Legends

Bai Mu Dan - Tea and Legends

Once, a young army officer, tired of government corruption, decided to leave with his mother.

One day he felt an extraordinary fragrance in the air. He stopped and asked for an explanation to a local elderly man. The old man told him that, not far away, there was a small lake that had at its center 18 large peony flowers.

The man and his mother reached the lake and decided to settle in that wonderful and enchanted place. After a while that they had settled there, the mother unfortunately fell ill. The man then set out to look for medicinal plants to heal her, but he did not find them.

Tired and disappointed, at one point he dozed off. In his sleep an old man appeared and told him to cook a carp with a new tea, never drunk before, this broth would have cured the woman. When he woke up, he went home and, to his surprise, found out that his mother had had the same dream.

He fished for a carp and set about finding new tea. Suddenly, thunder ripped through the air and the 18 peonies in the lake became tea plants. The plants had a white downy surface because they had been peonies and therefore it was a very special tea. The man took the leaves and cooked the carp. The mother ate the soup and healed.

The mother asked her son to take care of those extraordinary plants. The woman became immortal and, one day, flew away from the Earth, becoming the local tea patroness.

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