Insights: Bai Mao Hou Green Tea

Bao Mao Hou or White Monkey green tea is one of the top ten green teas from China. It grows along the slopes of the Wuyi Shan or Wuyi Mountains in China’s Fujian Province. It is also called spring tea because it is commonly harvested from late March to early April. And, as usual, Chinese teas are grown organically.

Green teas are mostly consumed and appreciated by tea lovers as an after-dinner drink.

This is the reason why, in oriental movies or Asian television series, we often see Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Thais and Vietnamese people sipping or drinking green tea right after a meal or often as a beverage to be enjoyed when they are out with friends.

How is Bai Mao Hou Green Tea produced?

During the spring, in the early hours of the morning, harvesters select the best young leaves and unopened buds directly from the tea tree. These delicate, fresh leaves and buds are received and processed exclusively by hand. They are then gently reworked through steaming and drying. The dried leaves turn into beautiful white tips that resemble the paws of a white-haired monkey, from which they got their name White Monkey. 

How do you prepare Bai Mao Hou?

First, we put 1 teaspoon of Bai Mao Hou or White Monkey Tea in a cup and infuse it with 200 ml of water. The water should have a temperature of about 80° C. Leave in infusion for at least 2-3 minutes before being served. Appreciable both warm, freshly made and at room temperature.

Bai Mao Hou green tea can also be prepared according to one’s preferences. The less you keep the leaves infused in hot water the more golden hues you will get, whereas if you let it brew for a long time this will result in a much stronger and more intense taste.

n pale yellow clearly visible in the cup and will have a sweetish taste. This is why it is often referred to as a light or mild green tea. Some tea drinkers may mistake it for a white tea. Some say it has a fresh and mild taste similar to seaweed, while others find it more like spinach or green vegetables. Green tea lovers describe it as a fruity tasting beverage.

Thanks to its delicate taste similar to white tea, Bai Mao Hou green tea is one of the best ones to sip or drink during rest and relax. It is also advisable for those who are not regular tea drinkers and are not real connoisseurs, just because of its light and pleasing taste.

So, if you want a refreshing and relaxing green tea, it’s time to try our Bai Mao Green Tea So, if you want a refreshing and relaxing green tea, it’s time to try our Bai Mao Hou Green Tea.

All the benefits of green tea. 

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